Probably the best in the world!


The sandy areas on Galapos Beach are divided by outcrops of large rocks and boulders.

The impressive Serra da Arrábida makes this a very sheltered, welcoming and indeed breathtaking beach. Known for its limpid water, the fine white sand and calm sea make this a beach not to be missed.


Considered the best beach in Europe in 2017 by European Best Destinations, Galapinhos Beach is a beach not to be missed.

This magnificent beach has extensive sands and crystal clear waters. The green of Serra da Arrábida makes the surrounding landscape simply superb.


Portinho da Arrábida Beach is located in a bay lapped by the serenest of waters.

The beach itself is small and a large part of it is covered in shingles (in the characteristic stone of the area). Several fishing boats are also anchored very close to the coast.


Figueirinha Beach has a wide expanse of sand. At low tide, you can see an enormous sandbank that goes on for over 1 km.

The calm sea and the beautiful surroundings make Figueirinha Beach one of the best-known beaches in the region.


Ribeira do Cavalo Beach is located in a Serra da Arrábida mountain valley, resulting in it being surrounded by magnificent vegetation.

The limpid waters make this a superb beach. The absence of people (because of the difficult access), along with other factors, has led many people to consider this the most heavenly beach in Portugal.


Alpertuche Beach or Alportuche Beach is a shingle beach and its small strip of sand can only be seen at low tide.

A ruined house standing near the access to the beach is much appreciated by many of the people visiting the beach. This beach is surrounded by Serra da Arrábida and by unique vegetation. These factors attract the attention of visitors, who have voted it a privileged destination.


Outão Beach is a small beach and at the peak of high tide, the sand is completely submersed.

It was once a private beach for the Santiago do Ourão Fort, but is now a beach (unsupervised) that is open to all. You can see Troia from this small beach and enjoy its crystal clear waters.


Comenda Beach is partly sea and partly river (where the River Sado meets the sea).

It is a beach with magnificent views and you can admire the tree-covered slopes and a variety of flora. There are also remains of a Roman settlement along the beach.