Green Breeze Fleet Showcase: Your Premier Yacht and Boat Rentals in Troia, Setúbal, and Comporta, Portugal

Welcome to the Green Breeze Fleet Showcase, your one-stop destination for discovering the perfect boat or yacht to make your maritime dreams a reality in the stunning coastal regions of Troia, Setúbal, and Comporta in Portugal. Our diverse fleet offers an array of options, each meticulously maintained and designed to meet your unique needs and desires. Whether you’re planning a romantic sunset cruise, a family adventure, or a luxurious coastal getaway, this is where your journey begins. Take your time exploring our carefully curated selection, and when you find the vessel that speaks to you, don’t hesitate to reach out and request a booking. We’re here to make your nautical aspirations a seamless and unforgettable reality. Your dream voyage awaits, and it starts right here with the Green Breeze Fleet Showcase.

Greenline 48 Hybrid

Brand: Greenline 48 Fly
Name: KIM
Nr of People: 10
Duration: 4H – 8H – Weekends/Week days
Meeting Point: Tróia or Setúbal*
Crew: 1 Skipper + 1 Sailor (Included)
Gas: Included (except passengers with 2 or more days)
Price: Starting from 850 €

* Pick-up in Setúbal has an extra cost of 50 €

Chaparral 247

Brand: Chaparral 247
Nr of People: 10
Duration: 4H – 8H
Meeting point: Mitrena, Setúbal or Tróia
Crew: 1 Skipper or Without Skipper (included)
Gas: Included for 2h of Motor (in 4h trips) or 4h of Motor (in 8h trips)
Price: Starting from 750 €


Catamaran Lagoon

Brand: Catamaran Lagoon
Nr of People: 18
Duration: 2H – 8H
Meeting Point: Tróia or Setúbal
Crew: 1 Skipper and Sailor included
Gas: Included


Brand: Cobalt
Nr of People: 8
Duration: 6H
Meeting Point: Tróia
Crew:Skipper (Not included: 15 Euros/h)
Gas: Not included


Brand: Invictus
Nr of People: 6
Duration: 6H
Meeting Point: Tróia
Crew:1 Skipper (Not included: 15 Euros/h)
Gas: Not included